Tipping Points

February 28, 2006

Even a Stopped Clock is Right Twice a Day

Filed under: Democrats,Middle East — thricearmed @ 9:13 pm

The UAE port deal is one of the few issues that I happen to agree on with the Liberals. You’ll notice that I say “happen to,” not simply “agree with.” The reason I say that is that the Dems are merely against it because Bush proposed it and also because they are anti-everything. Eventually, if you disagree with everything a politician does, you’ll be right about something. So it’s important to not use the old ad hominem fallacy of assuming “The Democrats are crazy. The Democrats are against X policy. Therefore, we should be for C policy.”

Having said that, we must also be careful not to necessarily take what any politician, Republican or Democrat, says at face value. Almost all politicians, even the most honest, have some enemies whom they would happily destroy politically. You don’t get to thetop anymore by being super-honest, sorry to say.


Sorry if my posting schedule is a little erratic. It will be until school lets out, and will probably come in spurts on the weekends even then.


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